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  • Appointment System

    Appointment System

    Create and display schedules for stylists’ other resources, service schedules and durations, customer alerts, series sales and package deals, and standard and group appointments. Technician’s schedules are displayed by appointment time and duration of service, and color-coding is used to indicate the type of service. You can also manage allocation of tips and commissions, and pricing for specific technicians and extra services.

  • Create Appointments

    Create Appointments

    Manually assign resources to your clients or SuperSalon can assign them for you. Create appointments easily by selecting appointment criteria in any order using SuperSalon’s simple, elegant appointment screens. When you choose a category or sub-category, drop-down lists populate to help you filter appointment selections.

  • Select Appointment Criteria

    Select Appointment Criteria

    Tap a service on the touch-screen to select a service, like cap highlight, color, foil highlight or other available options. Our appointment screens simply and quickly allow you to designate, edit, reschedule, and delete services minimizing wait time for walk-in customers.

  • Select Services

    Select Services

    For services that require resources, like massage rooms, massage chairs, stylist stations, etc., SuperSalon displays available resources for the required category and allocates them as needed.

  • Schedule Services

    Schedule Services

    SuperSalon has the only scheduler that offers a quick touch-screen interface. Scheduling a service can be as easy as a few taps. Tap the Add Service button. Then, tap the Service Category and Service and tap Done.

    Scheduled services appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the book to place a service at a specific time. The service remains transparent and can be moved easily by tapping the service and dragging it to a new time. The color coded book shows schedules by resource availability and skillset. You can also add and edit employee schedules, view schedule summaries, and blocks. Enter daily notes using the Edit Note button. Any changes made in the Employer Schedule Editor transfer to your appointment book. The scheduler also lets you copy schedules.

  • Appointment Options

    Appointment Options

    SuperSalon’s Salon and Spa software allows you to search for available appointment times, over-bookings, and gift certificates. You can print itineraries for customers and your staff can print appointments for the next day or week. There is also a pull-up Mini Wait-Serve screen for appointment-based salons.

  • Wait List

    Wait List

    SuperSalon lets you queue customers to a wait list, if their preferred time is not available. If a time slot opens up, you can book directly from the wait list.

  • Appointment Search

    Appointment Search

    A large menu of options is quickly available for any appointment with one touch, including deleting, rescheduling, appointment information, notes, requests, confirmation, checkout, etc. You can search for customers, past and future appointments, services, confirm and delete appointments and view conference notes.

  • Add, Edit and Manage Employee Schedules

    Add, Edit and Manage Employee Schedules

    Tap any cell to add or edit employee schedules, blocks of time or create notes for future reference. All employee schedule additions and modifications are transferred to the appointment book.

  • Manager Screen

    Manager Screen

    The Manager tab is a great tool that will help you maximize sales, enhance the guest experience, and reduce payment problems. You can create customer alerts including warnings, customer preferences, bad check flags, and more. Configure alerts to display on a multiple screens, display alerts that will show a customer’s favorite beverage on check-in, payment warnings, preferences and allergy warnings on service screens, and product preferences on service or checkout screens.

  • Membership Management and Sales

    Membership Management and Sales

    The system also allows you to sell memberships to customers, set up auto-bill recurring fees and define membership privileges. At checkout, a technician can select a membership option from a list of pre-defined memberships. Then, they can set customer-specific options such as start date, duration, initial payment and recurring billing options.

  • Package Sales

    Package Sales

    Packages can include services and products. Use the Packages screen in the Manager area to create packages with discounts. You can also sell packages that include a series item.

  • Series Sales

    Series Sales

    Some customers like to buy a series of services, including treatments, tanning, massage, and other services. The system automatically identifies customers who have purchased a series at checkout. If a refund is ever required, SuperSalon automatically reverses out the series discounts.

  • Software Settings

    Software Settings

    The Software Settings screens allow you to configure SuperSalon to your requirements. You can define the store type, set open and close times, and configure inventory, appointment, security and privacy, time clock and scheduling, wait time, check-in kiosk, school and customer parameters.