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The #1 choice in Salon Software, & touchscreen Salon Software.

Intuitive, Touch-Screen Salon Management

Fast check-in and check-out with just a few taps on our fully touch-screen system eliminates bottlenecks at the register. SuperSalon uses one screen with specialized pop-ups for selecting services and retail products or looking up guest information.

Most Flexible Systems

Our powerful software is easy to learn and easy to use. By selectively enabling the features you want, you can tailor Super Salon to meet your needs. SuperSalon helps you manage every aspect of your business from the essentials such as guest management, employee scheduling, payroll, inventory, marketing and reporting, to enterprise features for larger organizations.

Salon Management

SuperSalon software is a powerful tool to administer all the aspects of a Spa/Salon. It’s developed and designed over a period of time with Feedback/Suggestions from experienced personnel in this industry. This has fine tuned the Software to a great extent in terms of Management/Marketing and Promotional activities. Remote Control and Management is its Key. The non-dependence on Internet for its day to day activities comes as a Blessing to many.

Instant Setup

SuperSalon software can be installed in an instant in your desired system. And Lo! You can start working on it once you have your respective information updated in it.

Online security

SuperSalon software has its Server set-up in Phoenix. The reliance and retrieval procedure of the Clients’ valuable information is insurmountable. Non-Disclosure of Clients’ information is ensured by us at all costs. The Clients enjoy Privacy of their Data on an Online Server.

Grow your business
with SuperSalon!

  • Increase customer trial.
  • Increase customer return rate.
  • Increae customer return frequency.
  • Increase customer spending per visit.
  • Decrease opertional loss.

Designed for Walk-In salon's

Reliable, Scalable, Supported Salon Management

Our powerful software is easy to learn and easy to use

  • Manage Your Business with iOffice
  • Control Critical Communication
  • Create Comprehensive Reporting
  • Positive guest experience from online check-in

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